After Hours and Emergencies


Advice can always be obtained by phoning the surgery 01698 861180.

If we are closed a message will be relayed to phone EMERGENCY VETS GLASGOW  on  0141 260 5555 or VETS NOW on 0141 332 3212 who are open 24/7 for advice or attention

In an emergency always contact the surgery prior to arrival. This allows us to give you advice on immediate first aid on route and it allows us to prepare the surgery in advance of your arrival.

The vet may not be on site at all times and advance warning of a problem will allow us to contact the vet to make the necessary arrangements.

It is always very distressing when a pet becomes ill or is injured but it is important to contact the surgery prior to arrival to allow us to prepare properly.

Vets Now Pet Emergency Hospital

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What is an Emergency?

Emergency advice should be sought if :-

Persistent vomiting or diarrhoea

  • This will lead to dehydration and collapse
  • Investigations would be required to rule out cause
  • Possibilities are foreign bodies and Addison’s both of which are life threatening

Unproductive vomiting

  • This can be life threatening
  • Affects deep- chested breeds of dog primarily
  • Animal is trying to be sick but nothing is produced
  • High suspicion of gastric dilation and torsion
  • Animal is usually agitated and the abdomen may be bloated and tender
  • Requires surgery to correct

Straining to pass urine

      • Trying to pass urine but not managing to pass anything
      • Repeated efforts and very agitated
      • Differentiate from cystitis
      • Abdomen tender
      • Concern is that there is a blockage and this would ultimately cause kidney failure if left untreated

Breathing problems

      • Panting and open mouthed breathing are both signs for concern
      • Can be a sign of heart problems , overheating or lung disease

Collapse or fainting

      • Unable to stand or respond properly


      • Initially stem the flow with pressure and apply a bandage if possible
      • If you get bleeding through this bandage apply another on top


      • Fits or seizures are uncontrolled muscular twitches
      • Can be a local group of muscles or it may involve the whole body
      • May cause loss of consciousness
      • Can be very dangerous if the fit is prolonged


        • Seek advice if the animal is straining to give birth but no babies are emerging
        • If contractions are strong for 45 mins + with no baby there may be an obstruction
        • Production of a mucky or bloody discharge would be another indication of a problem
        • Going past the due date should always be investigated
        • Twitching and tremoring could also be an indication of eclampsia and must be investigated
        • Look for a placenta for each puppy


        • This affects unneutered females usually 6-8wks post season
        • Usually causes fever , drinking more , poor appetite possibly vomiting
        • Can be associated with a mucky vaginal discharge
        • Surgery may be required

Orthopaedic problem

        • Sudden onset lameness is a concern especially if a known trauma has occurred. This would raise the suspicion of fractures
        • Slipped discs can also be very painful and can cause paralysis


        • Always phone the surgery if your pet has ingested any unsuitable object whether its medications or objects
        • Prompt action is always the best option
        • Never try to make a dog vomit unless instructed to do so.
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