Animals are naturally inquisitive and young animals especially frequently ingest inappropriate materials. Below is a brief introduction to such dangers


  • All parts of lilies are toxic to cats
  • Causes severe and acute kidney failure
  • Can be ingested directly or  through pollen contamination being ingested after grooming

Human medications

  • Painkillers are especially toxic to cats

Liquid pot pourri

  • Will cause burning to the mouth and also respiratory and neurological signs

Glow sticks

  • Usually ingested as pet plays with the stick
  • Causes drooling , gagging and retching
  • Will also cause skin irritation
  • Easy to spot chemical to wash it off it glows in a dark room
  • More irritant than toxic

Tinsel/string or ribbon

      • Severe damage to the intestinal tract
      • Requires surgery to remove if it becomes a “linear foreign body”


      • Very palatable to cats- very sweet taste
      • Causes calcium crystals to form in the kidneys and kidney failure within a couple of days
      • Antidote is only of any use if given within 3 hrs of ingestion
      • Poor outlook

Flea preparations

      • Incorrect applications of dog preparations to cats
      • Also cats grooming dogs within the household


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