Puppies are very nosy and inquisitive and will frequently ingest the most inappropriate items. Items such as socks and underwear are frequently on the missing list ! Such items may pass but equally may cause an obstruction which can be life-threatening.

Always contact the surgery for advice if you think your pet has ingested any unsuitable material. Below is a list of materials which are frequently ingested some of which should cause concern and some less so

Toxic- seek immediate advice:-

  • Slug pellets
  • Chocolate
  • Human medicines
  • Plant bulbs
  • Raisins, onion, avocado, garlic and liquorice
  • Rat poison

Low toxicity

    • Polystyrene
    • Silica gel
    • Wax candles or crayons
    • Holly
    • Matches
    • Antacids, oral contraceptives or HRT
    • Bluetac
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